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Onitsuka Tiger by Asics Serrano are lightweight shoes which have soft and comfortable interior to allow you long wearing without fatigue. These shoes have sporty and stylish silhouette which allows you to wear them casually as well. The rich built quality and top notch materials combine to deliver you long lasting wear and premium durability. These shoes have upper made from leather and nylon. This combination makes the upper sturdy and it also offers stylish looks. The upper has Tiger stripes which add more flair and looks to these shoes. The upper also has lightly padded collar which offers comfort and support to your ankle. The tongue has been cushioned as well to keep the lace pressure and lace blisters off your feet. The lace up closure of these shoes has been designed to allow personalized, snug and secure fit. The interior has been lined with leather which has natural ability to wick the moisture off your feet for fresh, dry and odorless interior environment. This leather also keeps your feet protected from irritation and blisters. These shoes have fully cushioned footbed which molds as per the shape of your feet to give you custom fit and perfect performance. This footbed offers magnificent comfort so you can go long distance without stress or fatigue. These shoes have EVA midsole which attenuates shocks upon impact and it fades away harmful stress and shocks to keep your legs and feet in comfort. This midsole also offers support and stability to deliver premium performance. These shoes have rubber outsole which is lightweight, durable and flexible. The outsole also offers stability and excellent mobility to ensure greater performance. The outsole has Nubby pattern on it which offers better traction on different types of surfaces. These shoes weigh 9 ounces as per size 12. This style can be found in these colors: Blue/ White, Yellow/ Red, Espresso/ Espresso, Grey/ Burgundy and Navy/ Grey.



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Marty from Connecticut

Power color shoes. I am a Manchester City fan and hardly ever wear the color red as that is the color of Salford United aka Manchester United. But these shoes were too dope to pass up. They are very comfortable and a little wider than the Mexico 66 models that I also love. I have feet like a monkey so I need a little width. I feel like the coolest bloke on my block when I wear these trainers. What better way to announce your presence with loud/bright shoes? Just ask Liam Gallagher what is important in life other than a top haircut and he would say a good pair of trainers. I love these sneakers and would love them more if they had them in Man City Blue. Tigers are the best sneakers I have ever bought. RECOGNIZE!!!!!!!

John from Cincinnati, OH

I got these in black/steel gray and they are SO cute! When I first tried them on, they were pinching my pinky toe on one foot and I was disappointed and almost sent them back. Then I realized that the tongue is very thin and it was folded under near my toe. Now I always straighten the tongue, and they are comfortable. I will probably buy more of these in the future--hopefully they will come out with some more girly colors.

Nick from Juneau, Alaska

Beautiful shoes - I got these in red white and blue (best color for casual shoes), they are sharp! They feel great, support is fine, and water doesn't leak through really. I live in Juneau, AK and we get a ton of rain! These are great, I've even played some gym sports in them and they hold up fine. Gorgeous shoes. Absolutely floss'n.

Sam from Corona, CA

I bought this for sentimental and nostalgic reasons. I had this model over 25 years ago when I used to run a lot (too bad they don't carry anymore the blue & silver combo I had). I used it during 10K runs because it was light and had sufficient arch soon as I wore the new pair, I had a sudden gush of good memories how my feet felt so comfortable with it even w/out socks. Because of that, now I'm inspired to start running again (albeit, I have to lose 20 lbs to be in top shape). They were excellent w/their pricing, selection and overnight shipment.

Ben from Washington DC

New favorite shoe - I was looking for a lighter weight shoe for my workout. I have really cushy running shoes, but they are too bulky for other types of exercise I like to do. The Tigers are the perfect solution. I did try running in them one day. I was surprised that my feet didn't hurt later, but I don't think I would use them for running on a regular basis unless I was running on a soft surface like grass. They would probably work well on wet sand, but I haven't tried that yet.


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