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Onitsuka Tiger by Asics Colorado Eighty-Five MT are high performance shoes which have been designed to deliver excellent stability and comfort on road and off road. These shoes have modern technologies and materials used in their construction which offers long lasting durability and great comfort and foot control. These shoes have the upper made from leather and mesh combination. This combination offers great breathability to keep the interior environment fresh and it also makes the upper super durable and long lasting. The upper has padded tongue which offers comfort to your feet and it also keeps the lace pressure off. The collar has also been padded to ensure maximum support and comfort. The lace up closure of these shoes allows you secure, personalized and perfect fastening to promote maximum performance. The interior has been lined with mesh which is soft and it surroundings the footbed perfectly to ensure exceptional instep feel. The lining also offers protection from abrasion and blisters and it also wicks off the moisture from your feet for dry, fresh and odorless interior environment. These shoes have EVA sockliner which has been engineered to mold as per the shape of your feet to give you custom fit. This sockliner also attenuates shocks upon impact and it keep your feet free from shocks and harmful stress. The upper has Onitsuka Tiger logo on the tongue and signature stripes of the sides which add more style and appeal to these shoes. The heel strip has been made from rubber to add protection. The midsole has been made from two tone EVA which also dissipates shocks upon impact to fade away harmful shocks. This midsole and sockliner enhance the comfort level to make your ride smooth and supportive. The outsole has been made from rubber and it has been inspired for Trail running. At the forefoot this outsole has lateral rubber tread and it also has flex grooves. The outsole offers excellent durability and superior flexibility to deliver magnificent foot control. The rubber keeps the high wear areas of the outsole durable for long term use. This outsole has been engineered to deliver great grip on multiple terrains for secure and slip resistant running. These imported shoes weigh 14 ounces as per size 12. This style can be found in these colors: Navy/ Navy, Charcoal/ Maroon, Yellow/ Black and Purple/ Blue.





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Cory M from Mooresville, NC

I love my Onitsuka Tigers. I was looking for a new pair of shoes and came across these. They were the right style for what I wanted, and got good reviews. After wearing them for about two months I can still highly recommend them. They look great, and fit very well. I can't wear them for walking long distances, but for my everyday job (which involves a lot of standing), they work out great.

Grant C from Laramie, WY

These are, by far, the most comfortable shoes for the sport of fencing that can be bought, and a lot cheaper than shoes actually designed specifically for fencing. Your feet are basically on the floor since the sole is so thin, they almost feel as though you are not wearing shoes at all. This is very nice, because it allows for a complete sense of movement and directional change (critical to my sport). I bought the Red/White color combo, and the flashy design is also extremely useful (forces opponents to focus on my feet, allowing me to be free to take advantage of the attention loss) and fun. The shoes came so quickly that I couldn't understand. Very good shoes.


A great gym show - I needed a new gym shoe - one that would be appropriate for light jogging, biking, workout machines, etc. This shoe was comfortable from the onset. I purchased the grey and it looked exactly like the photos online. For longer periods of active wear (over 2 hours), one might need additional arch support.


Asics / Onitsuka Tiger Development/Sales/Marketing Team, or whoever it is that is responsible: Please make new designs available! That or make more of the out-of-stock sizes! Or even better: I bought a pair of these in '03 that were all-suede uppers and then khaki all over, including the sole, with black stripes. They went with near every kind of outfit. They were the perfect shoes. I still wear them despite the nearly worn through sole. Quality shoes and nothing else since has been remotely as comfortable. Perfect fit from the moment I put them on in the store. Make those available here. I promise to buy 3 pair outright. Yeah, that should do it.

Scottie B from Los Angeles, California

I love this shoe! If a perfect shoe has ever been designed with me exactly in mind, this is the shoe! It is so perfect and so stylish, I love this shoe! The shoe looks way better when it arrives, it's the materials and the vibe of the shoe. The online pictures do not do justice, if you're intrigued by the shoe now, then get it and I promise you when you get it you're going to love it 100% more.


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